Monday, April 15, 2013

Macie is 2 Months Today!

My sweet Macie,
Every single day with you is a gift! I love being your Mommy. You have filled my heart with so much joy. Snuggling up with you is one of my most favorite things to do these days and I have to practically pry myself away to do chores and make dinner! I wonder so much what your personality is going to be like. You're very smiley these days but you still have a serious look most of the time. You must be thinking about something interesting. 

You are growing bigger and more adorable everyday.  Your hair is ever so slightly turning lighter and your eyes are still a lovely blue. You're a good eater and weigh almost ten pounds! I wonder where is my itty bitty baby going? We started wearing the 0-3 months clothes on you. They're still a little big- but that makes Mommy's heart happy! Finally, we've been able to dress you up in cute little dresses. The weather has finally turned warm for the Spring!  We get to enjoy a pretty walk through the land almost everyday. I think you really like walking and wonder if maybe you look forward to it each day. I know I do! You are a great little companion when I have to run errands. Usually you sleep the shopping trip away. Everyone who sees you says that you are beautiful and they usually comment on your pretty hair. Daddy and I couldn't agree more!

This past month we celebrated your first Easter, you had your first play date, and you went to your first wedding- you slept through all of those too. :) You started taking a paci and began to bat at your little toys. One night you slept all the way through! Daddy and I couldn't believe it! We even checked the monitor to make sure everything was working right! You haven't done that again yet but we know that time will come eventually. For now, I enjoy snuggling you so close and rocking you in the quiet of the night. These are sweet times and I want to cherish them. I pray with you and thank Jesus for you. All of the adventures and challenges of being a new mommy are worth it one hundred times over.

You are so very loved by all of your family! You love to visit and snuggle up with them! We still just sit around and stare at you! We can't believe how blessed we are with you! You are such a good baby. You definitely have good lungs and let us know when something is not quite right, but whenever the problem is remedied you are our happy baby girl again.

We are praying for you, sweet Macie, that you would know our faithful God and walk with Him. He is the source of all good things. He is our hope and our joy. He created us just as he created you- for His glory. We pray that you will see Jesus in us as we love you and raise you to know Him. We celebrated Easter a few weeks ago. We want to live the gospel everyday, but we celebrated Jesus' life and resurrection especially that day. We are praying, baby Macie, that you will know Him and the incredible power of that resurrection. You're only 8 weeks old and life is new now but there is a greater newness in Jesus. It is our heart's cry that you will know Him and walk in that newness of a deeper spiritual life.

I'm thankful for you, precious baby. I love you today and I love you tomorrow. I love you as deep as the sea.

with all my love,
your Mama