Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Perfectly Southern Snow

It's not every year that we get to enjoy a winter wonderland of snow. In the South snow is a delightful novelty we get to look forward to! While it doesn't happen often we take full advantage of it when it does! It started in the evening on Tuesday and came down hard through the night.
With forecasts of 2-4 inches of snow, naturally we were cautioned to stay home. That was more than fine with us! We are unbelievably blessed to live in our little house on the land for so many reasons, but snow days on the land have to be toward the top of that extensive list! After a few "baby's first snow" photo-op's (haha!) Joshua rigged up the sled to the 4-wheeler and off we went!
Macie Jane was adorable! I held her tight on my lap while we rode together. She loved getting pulled on the sled and feeling the cold air as we slid all around. Later, J taught her how to hold on to the side ropes and pulled her by hand around on a larger sled. It was such a fun family day! Rachel Lilly gave J a good ride on the sled! She whipped him around with the 4-wheeler. Macie Jane and I explored a little with Lollie and Grandpa down near the creek. It was fun to see the land covered in snow and how beautiful everything looked down by the water. It really was a beautiful, winter wonderland! However, with only 2 inches of snow and lots of 4-wheeling fun the ground didn't exactly stay pristine. By later in the afternoon the many circle shaped tracks were indication of all the fun that had been had! We took advantage of the little snow that was left. We rode around the back part of the land and gave Macie Jane a few more sled rides. She was clapping and giggling a lot. We're pretty sure she loved it!
To warm up, we came back to Grandpa and Lollie's to enjoy hot cocoa and the fire. It was a very full and fun day!