Monday, March 17, 2014

Blessed to Love Her

I'd say we're lucky to love this tiny girl but that's not true. We don't believe in luck! :) We know God has knit her together, planned her life, and blessed us to be her Mommy and Daddy! Regardless, she did look pretty cute in this tutu outfit! We love our tiny girl and count ourselves blessed to love her every-single-day. Few things thrill our soul like her tiny smile and precious giggle!
We love you little Macie Jane! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just Us Girls for the Week

Last week, in South Carolina, Spring made it's grand appearance. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we soaked up as much of it as we could! Sadly though, J had a conference out in Nashville and had to leave us on Tuesday for the week. Macie Jane and I were sad to see him go but we decided to make the most of our situation! I figured we could pass the time by soaking up the sunshine and going on adventures around town! We started the week off with dinner downtown and a trip to Edventure, a children's museum. Macie Jane loved getting explore and I loved not having to say, "no." It was a delight to see her excitement and reaction to so many kid sized exhibits. She's such a little smartie and the museum was so, so much fun!

When we had home group Macie Jane loved getting to see all her friends and play with her little buddy Elliana. Needless to say our discussions were a little distracted and it got noisy. It's sweet to see Macie Jane interact with a friend her size. I love that she has such a precious little friend.

Later in the week, we had Bible study in the morning and we experienced a new "first." My little love bug is a morning person, and normally rises around 5:00-6:00am. However, the one time J is away and we have somewhere to be in the morning my tiny alarm clock decides to sleep in! She slept in until 8 and we needed to leave by quarter to 9! Somehow she had a hot breakfast, a quick bath in the sink, I threw myself together and packed her bag. We were only 15 minutes late! That's a miracle and a whole lotta grace! I couldn't be frustrated, we got extra sleep and it sort of makes me laugh thinking about the irony of our situation. I'll mark it down for the baby book- our first time oversleeping! :)

Friday we had a lunch date with Ruth, cupcakes, and playtime at the baby gym! That evening we had a dinner date with Aunt Deb and did a little shopping. We found the perfect little shoes for our go-go baby! It was a full and fun day! We were so excited that J was coming home the next day!
We started the weekend by sleeping in (not as late as Thursday, haha! ) We had a brunch date together, we grocery shopped for all of J's favorite foods and snacks, and did lots of chores! We wanted to give J a king's welcome home! In the afternoon we got to go see Joseph play baseball. It was a gorgeous blue sky day! He played great and we had so much fun cheering him on!
Before we knew it Joshua was home! The week flew by! Macie Jane and I made lots of fun memories together but we missed him terrible and are so, so happy to have him back! We are so glad these trips only come once a year and even more we are thankful for family and friends who take care of us while he was away!