Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Roof for the Cottage

goodbye old roof!
 Everyone working HARD!
look who's on the ROOF!!
 so very handsome all-the-time!
one of many trips up that ladder! 

So this past weekend's project was a BIG one. I didn't get to help at all but that's primarily because I really couldn't. Joshua let me try to hold a bundle of shingles and I couldn't even hold it on my own! Needless to say, roofing is back breaking work! J calculated the weight of the bundles times the number of bundles they carried and determined that they carried over 3,000 pounds up to the roof! All the guys on the land worked together on the roof. They worked all day Saturday and even into the evening. Then they were back at it on Sunday afternoon into the evening again! The roof looks great and we are thankful for our family pulling together once again!

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