Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Researching and Found Treasure!

Earlier last week we had dinner at Grammy's and Aunt Deb mentioned a surplus building supply store out in Columbia. (Brilliant idea!) We decided to go in the morning on Saturday just to check out what they had. J stayed back at the little house with Dad to work on removing the window in the bathroom. After an adventurous start, we were on our way to what I'd discover as my new favorite store!!! I can not wait for Beverly to come visit so I can take her there- she would LOVE it too!!! We had so much fun looking at all the treasures the stores had to offer. :) We also made some friends-two very helpful and patient employees. They helped us find all kinds of things, answered lots of questions, and even measured and remeasured as we were deciding on windows. I even showed them the blog! haha! (gotta love my little iPhone) Our plan is the head back over there this coming weekend to purchase windows. :) :) :)
 a REAL cow carpet! I feel like my sweet man would love this! :) 
 lovely windows
big fun pantry cabinets :) 

Oh, and P.S.- our door didn't make it. Actually, we're still waiting on it. It'll come soon, I have hope! :)

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