Sunday, February 5, 2012

A BIG Shopping Trip!

Last Saturday we headed back out to Garner's Ferry to the Surplus Warehouse! The store is a gold mine for builders and remodelers! Not only is there everything you could imagine needing but there are also the most helpful and patient people!! This was a BIG shopping trip because this time we were able to catch a very good sale and wanted to take advantage of it. Dave, our new friend from Surplus Warehouse, helped us measure and order all the right windows. He was also so kind to walk with us through the store to take down exactly what we needed and shared the various pros and cons of items we looked at. We also go our countertops, sink, and a bathroom vanity (more on that later.) It was an exciting morning and we are SO excited for the treasures for the little house. 

   One of my equally excited shopping buddies! 

     J  shopping with Mom and Aunt Deb

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