Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Busy Month-iversary

Exhausted! Today was a long day but the little house is finally taking shape! J and Dad got out early and ran to Lowe's to get the cabinets. Joshua found an 'eye spy' with the large pantry cabinet! He saw one with very minimal damage and the store associate offered it to him for half off! It was going to be our largest purchase of the cabinets and ended up being one of the most inexpensive! The best part is that the 'damage' is on a bottom corner that no one will ever see because it's going flush against the refrigerator!

Later, I caught up with J and we zoomed off to a different Lowe's to get a few more cabinets. On our way home we stopped at Tractor Supply, another new favorite store, to get fencing supplies. Before we knew it the morning was gone! We took a quick lunch break and hit the ground running!

The first thing we had to do was remove our first house guest. :) Some how a bird got in and almost flew into Dad while he was painting. I decided to channel Beverly and find our scared, feathered friend. I found the poor finch in a back bedroom just sitting on the floor. After he frantically flew around the room J got the idea to open the windows and just let him leave on his own. It took a few minutes but he eventually flew away. Not an ideal house guest but definitely an interesting one.

While the guys painted the kitchen, Aunt Deb started painting the front door, and I started putting down the underlayment.  Once the red paint was all up, Joshua took the refrigerator out to deck and started giving it a mini makeover. He got black appliance epoxy spray paint and turned our little white fridge to a little black fridge. :) Then, after a good amount of underlayment was laid down and the front door was at a good stopping point we went to help J with the cabinets. We had a few bumps putting them up but all in all they went up fairly easily. It's amazing how different it looks! The kitchen is really taking shape!


Next, J installed the new kitchen lighting and us girls finished up the underlayment in the living room. I think it makes the room look like a big pool. If we added a little water we'd have a slip n' slide! :)

Can you see the 'new' black refridgerator?

Towards the end of the afternoon my sweet mama in love came up to help and we put down underlayment in the dining room in no time. She's a great worker bee! It's just natural from all the mission trips and service projects she does!

Finally, we stopped for a few minutes to admire all the great work done and called it a day. We plan to get back at it after church tomorrow!

P.S. Today Joshua and I have been blissfully married for 9 amazing months!! :) I love you, my sweet man! Thank you for all you do for us everyday! xo

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