Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too Beautiful Outside...

Saturday morning Joshua declared that it was far too beautiful outside to be stuck inside. So, we started our weekend warrioring with a little outside work. The backyard got a transformation to match the transformations going on inside the little house. Joshua rode up on the tractor, Dad brought his clippers, and I....well, I pretty much filled in by dragging away debris when necessary. Before we knew it the yard was wide open. Originally, the yard was lined by a wire fence. However, the vines of a plant ensnared the it so fiercely that the only way to remove them was to remove the entire fence. This was no small task. No amount of clipping or man power could match this beast. Ultimately, it took the brute force of the tractor. Be sure to check out the video of that action.

In addition, we also got to uncover a lovely garden area. It was covered by a fallen cedar tree, leaves, rocks and other such yard materials. Once all the outside work was finished for the day I went in to sand (the bane of my current existance.) I wasn't sanding long when Chad and Bradley came up to help. It was so much fun to have Chad on the land for the weekend. :) (come back soon!!)

We were sanding, and sanding, and sanding away. I stopped for a minute to let my poor arm rest and I heard J calling me from the back yard. I walked out to the garden area where I found J standing with what he explained was a tiller. He sweetly taught me how to use it and set me to work. You wouldn't believe it! This former city mouse is practically a farmer! I tilled the whole thing and raked it even. Let me assure you farming is not for the faint of heart! Oh my aching back! (I sound like a farmer too, don't I?) I'm so glad I did it though. It was fun and just like Joshua told me, I'll be all the more appreicative of my harvest.
before (covered in leaves, weeds, and bricks?)

Not exactly flattering but it's hard to be glamorous when farming

 for a beginning gardener this is a BIG garden...I've decided instead I will call it my farm :) 

tilled and almost ready

After Dad mowed the yard and used the blower to tidy up I couldn't believe the transformation! The yard is really coming along!

Inside a lot happened today, too! The remaining 3 windows went in with the help of everyone (Joseph, Rachel, Bradley, Uncle Allen, Dad, Joshua.)  It takes a village, right? :) We also continued to mud and sand, sand and sand. Can we be done sanding yet? After a long day of hard work we cleaned up and headed home. We'll be back tomorrow for more adventure!

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