Saturday, April 21, 2012

Country Livin'

The adjustment hasn't been too bad. :) I think we like country living!

Let me correct that, I know my Joshua loves it and I think I'm going to really like it too. I love how quiet it gets a night. Of course, living on the land has it's quirks too. Last Friday morning we had a slight issue with water where just as I was trying to wash our coffee  mugs the water pressure disappeared. Fortunately, the mysterious drop in pressure was not so mysterious to my amazing hubby. Pretty much right away he figured that it was ants in the well pressure thingy (not exactly the technical term, but you get the idea.) It was only a few minutes after he got home from work and our water pressure was back to the norm. Just in time for me to get my chorin' done. :) :) :) ...and make dinner.

Another fun quirk to get used to is our lack of internet. This hasn't been to much of an issue, yet. I feel like I probably could use a little sabbatical from the world wide web. Recently, I've become enlightened to how entangling the internet can be. Not that I've been doing anything necessarily wrong but its the amount of time I waste that concerns me. For now, I'll be depending on our local Starbucks for internet strong enough to handle uploading pictures and blogging. And for that matter my updates will probably be more sparse.

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