Saturday, August 11, 2012

Man Cave Construction

My sweet man has been so patient with me throughout the last year. One big adjustment he has had as we moved into the apartment and then into our cottage was a lack of a desk. The poor guy tries to organize our bills and his various projects on our dining table and then I come along and try to 'tidy' up. He gets it all spread out and organized and I come along and make one nice, neat pile of it all. You can just imagine the hilarity of the situation day after day. Thankfully, with a little help and creative thinking from Beverly we have come up with a long term solution!

There is a good sized little nook in our den that has gone pretty much untouched for the last few months. Overtime and regardless of who lives in the cottage that space will be difficult to utilize. The idea of built-in bookshelves and a desk was perfect! J being the brilliant carpenter that he is built a lovely desk area that we now lovingly refer to as 'the man cave.' He has this theory that I have taken over the whole house- decorating or making it 'fluffy' and he's probably right- he usually is. So we are thankful that he finally has a little home to organize his projects and man stuff. I made a promise not to "organize" his things too much anymore.

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