Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outdoor Living

The weather is slowly changing from the hot South Carolina Summer to a crisp, cool Fall. Of all the seasons, Fall is definitely my favorite. I've always loved the colors and smells of Fall. It seems so many good things come with the Fall. I love pumpkins and mums, warm coffee on a cool morning and gray october days. (My birthday also happens to come in October- so that doesn't hurt either.) One of our favorite parts about Fall is the return of comfortable weather! After the hot, hot Summer it finally feels great to walk outside and not melt!

During the Summer Joshua and I talked about our outdoor space and began dreaming up what we could do to utilize it best. We both love to sit on the porch, sip coffee, and visit. Our only problem with the cottage is that we don't have furniture for outside! Joshua, as usual, came up with a brilliant plan. He had a great idea to cover the deck so that we can enjoy being outside even on a rainy day- which actually happens to be our most favorite!

On Sunday afternoon Joshua suggested we go to Lowes to get a few things he would need for my birthday present. Of course, I was excited but a little intrigued as well! He told me that for my birthday he was thinking of working on our deck space. I was thrilled! I happened upon a website connected to Pinterest with a great idea for DIY deck furniture along with corresponding building plans. I showed it to him and sweetly, he agreed that we could do it. So, off to Lowes we went and around $50 later we were headed home with all the lumber supplies we needed to build sectional seating for our deck. Our plan is to put two seats together for a 'couch' and then one seat independent.

 Admittedly, following Pinterest directions does have its pitfalls but all in all they came out great! I doesn't hurt that there are few things my man can't do. When the building plans didn't make sense he improvised and came up with perfect solutions. The chairs look great! I am so excited to put them to good use!
We have lots of supplies for making s'mores so if you're in the country and want to stop by you are so welcome to come and enjoy a perfect Fall treat out on the deck with us!

(that includes those of you related to us who live just down the road) 

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