Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sweet Onesie Cupcakes

Is there anything more fun than baby clothing? or cupcakes?

With a little Pinterest inspiration I made this adorable shower gift. It's a fun way to put together a small present. I've always loved creatively making the presentation of a gift special. When I saw this project I couldn't wait for a reason to make one! This cupcake set was for a baby girl but it could be easily adapted for a boy or for a baby who's gender hasn't been revealed. 

Here are the step by step instructions:

First, you'll need 4 colorful onesies and two pairs of brightly colored socks. 
 Fold over the two sleeves of the onesie.
 Then, fold the whole onesie in half.
 lay one sock (already slightly rolled) on the top of the onesie-up near the neckline.
 Continue rolling the onesie in a tight but spiral fashion.

To secure the 'cupcake' I wrapped a ribbon around the bottom.
 Place the 'cupcakes' in cute liners and arrange in a cupcake box.
For extra embellishment I wrapped the box in ribbon and clipped on a fun hair bow.

Ta-da! A small gift with a big bang! 
Not to mention it was so much fun to make! :) 

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