Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cottage Project

For our first year of marriage we decided to live in Blythewood but not on 'the land' with our family. We are enjoying our adorable, little apartment but we've decided that in the Spring we would like to move to Jordan Crossing. Our kind and gracious family is allowing us to stay in the rental house on the land. It's small and in desperate need of a little TLC, but with a little love we think it will be perfect for us! We plan to give 'the little house' a few significant renovations and turn it into a cozy cottage. :) Our long-term plan isn't to stay in the cottage but we want to make some modifications to make our stay a bit more pleasant. Then, when we move on to our own home our family will benefit by having an updated place to continue renting. My beloved Beverly suggested chronicling the changes to the cottage and thus The Cottage in the Country blog. We began our project this month and our move-in date is set for the beginning of May. We have quite the To Do list but in the words of my sweet Joshua, "the house is a can of worms- it's just a matter of when we decide to put the lid back on the can."

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