Friday, January 6, 2012

Date Night

Friday night is date night so this week we decided on a quick dinner and a trip to Lowes. Nothing like quality time perusing cabinet stains and laminate designs. :) We really did have a good time. I'm so indecisive and my sweet man is so patient. I'm a blessed girl, to be sure! After staring at the choices for quite a while...we decided we liked this cabinet stain and this laminate for the countertops. We'll probably do something like it- I never realized how pricey cabinets can be. It's a good thing we have a small kitchen. I can definitely see how a big kitchen remodel would require a big budget! Joshua had an  idea to get them unfinished and then stain them ourselves. That would be another fun project to do together and we'll save a little too!

 stain color and laminate design

cabinets and countertops together (at the store...we aren't planning to do the tin backsplash)

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