Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm not an interior designer by any means but I do like trying to make our happy home beautiful and cozy. I get just as excited about decorating the little house as much as I do about renovating it! I've been dreaming up paint and tile colors for a few weeks. However, I kept going back to this idea that I needed an inspiration piece to tie the house together and this weekend I found it! We were out shopping and found this not so little treasure! Nothing says cozy like a soft, comfy area rug! I just love all the colors! I've been really leaning towards using accents of robin's egg blue and soft, deep greens in the little house. (Of course we needed the garnet color as well- hello, we are Snipes after all) I'm so excited for the fun accessories I can make and find to go along with our 'inspiration' piece! 

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