Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pick Up Day!

Pick Up day! :) This Saturday was a busy one to say the least! We got up early to get the trailer ready to head over to pick up the windows, countertops, and sink. Notice that the bathroom vanity and matching granite countertop is not on the trailer along with our other treasures. That's because I learned a very valuable lesson this week. Always measure before purchasing! Last Saturday evening after we ordered the bathroom vanity set my sweet hubby asked if I measured it. To which I responded with, "no, I thought that you did when I asked about it." (Keep in mind he didn't bring a tape measure and I did not ask him to measure it- don't know what I was thinking!) He was so patient about it and let me do some online research and calculating and we discovered if we bought the vanity our toilet wouldn't fit. That would be a problem! Especially considering we only have one bathroom! :) Thankfully, the store has a good return policy and we were able to return it easily...lesson learned- always measure! :) :) :) 
 We prayed the whole way home with these beauties! It's amazing how much bumpier the road feels when you have a load of fragile windows trailing behind! 
 countertop...not fancy but we think it's lovely. 

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