Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wiring, Wiring, and MORE Wiring....

Contrary to what it looks like we did have lots of help again this weekend. Unfortunately, it was a little difficult snapping a picture of Uncle Allen working on the wiring in the dark bathroom. Bradley and Rachel were a big help too! I had fun learning to put in foam insulation. I might have gone a little crazy. I didn't realize it foamed out about an inch or two from where I put it. Poor J, hopefully it doesn't cause a problem when we try to lay down the next layer of under lament. I also tried to help with the wiring. I didn't really do much. I mainly just pulled the wires over the rafters in the laundry area but it was still adventurous. I can't wait for this part of the project to be done!!! Let's move on to bigger and better things- or maybe just something different. (I'm working on patience.) :) :) :)

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