Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Big Fun Weekend!

This weekend was fantastic for a number of reasons!  First and foremost, my dear friend Ruth Ann came to visit! She lives in Cary and when she comes to visit we pick up just like we've never been apart. She arrived on Friday afternoon and first thing we headed off to Lowes. I gave her quick tutorial on paint and we had a few gallons mixed for the den, dining room, and bedroom. That evening J and I went to a fun concert while Ruthie got to visit with Grammy and Aunt Deb. We have to have fun every now and then. We can't be all work, work, work. :)

Then on Saturday morning we hurried out to Lowes for a BIG shopping trip. By BIG shopping trip I mean three of the large, heavy-duty carts full! However, I think that was the last BIG trip for a while! We were able to get everything we need to finish the bathroom as well as garden supplies! 

When we got back to the house Ruth and I got right to work on painting the back bedrooms. Dad and J began to tackle the floors.

 We could hear the thunderstorms rolling in so we quickly got our plants and seedlings to plant in the garden. We wanted to get them in with enough time to soak up the rain. Its just a start but it looks good. I hope no animals get to it. I get nervous with a garden in the middle of the woods. We'll have to wait and see....and pray! :)
We finished up painting the two back bedrooms and the flooring really started to come along. We even got the back part of the tub surround up! It's looking good!!
 above: our bedroom
above: the guest bedroom (my North Carolina room)
hooray for the tub surround!

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