Sunday, March 25, 2012

Super Sunday!

Sundays are always interesting work days. We have a small amount of time to work between morning and evening church but we always seem to get a lot done! Today was no exception! Our church just moved to having two services and since J works in the media ministry he had to be there for both of them. He was up and out the door by 7:00! Then after church and a quick lunch we worked all afternoon long. Thanks to Uncle Allen and J, the floors are done in the living room and kitchen!

Dad evened out the subfloors in the bathroom so we could get moving on the bathroom floors.  J layed out the tile in the bathroom and prepped it to be grouted. (I wish I would have taken a picture!!) J also finished up painting the refrigerator. It looks so great! Ruth and I tackled the sunny yellow dining room! Needless to say today was not much of a restful day but rather a very productive one!

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