Saturday, March 3, 2012

A BIG Weekend of Progress

Say hello to our new bathtub! :) 

A lot of easily recognizable changes took place this weekend! I can't wait to share pictures! We started out with the usually Saturday morning trek to Lowes. Then J, Dad, and Uncle Allen worked relentlessly! I got to try my hand at mudding drywall along with Uncle Allen- he's the expert! We have about a MILLION holes, nail marks, and seams to fill in! Mudding is going to be a l-o-n-g process! We worked on just round one and apparently we need to do three rounds of mud to get the drywall all smooth and pretty! Fun, huh? :) Here's a look at the progress:

Insulation in...we discovered that the kitchen walls were never insulated!!

Cassie came in to take a look at the renovations and left her signature.
Dry wall up and mudding started

Here's a look at the progress of the bathroom: 
Originally there was a window in the shower. We decided that wasn't the best idea. A few weekends ago J removed the window and covered the opening with a tarp. Today you can see he framed up the window opening. He put up the siding on the outside and Dad put up the insulation. We discovered the the bathroom didn't have insulation either! (crazy!) 

Ta-da! The tub is in! 

All the dry wall is up and mudding has begun! I wish I had a picture to share! 

Everything is shaping up well- it was definitely and exciting weekend! 
Next weekend's plan: Kitchen Cabinets! 

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