Sunday, March 4, 2012

LOTS More Laminate

Another great debate we've been having is over the flooring. The current carpeting is quite controversial. We could easily rent a carpet cleaner and give it our best shot. However, no matter how deep we try to clean the carpets, they still will not be truly clean and allergen free. Grammy suggested new carpet and J thought about carpet squares. New carpet sounds good and so does the carpet square idea. If a renter ruins an area we could easily pull up the specific square and replace it. We went guessed it...Lowe's to price carpet and did a little online research and we found that new carpet was not going to be a viable option. Not only is it pricey but it's not easy on those with allergies. We found ourselves back a square one. Then, to our rescue, my sweet mama in love made a brilliant suggestion! Why not get more of the same laminate we are already putting down in the kitchen? After a quick online search we saw the lumber liquidators was having a great tax free sale and that they had our specific type of laminate in stock! We zipped over to Harbison before church Sunday night and scooped up 17 boxes of these lovely new floors. Since the cost difference wasn't too wide we decided to spring for 2-3 more boxes so we could replace the dinning room flooring as well. :) We are so excited! Now the little house will have (laminate) wood floors throughout except one back bedroom with carpet and one bedroom with original hardwoods. It's going to be pretty and renter friendly. Hooray for decision making!

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