Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evolution of Our Tiny Bathroom

Rats! I forgot to take more pictures! 

Ok, so this is going to be a short post until I get more pictures up.  Until then, here is a look at the evolution of our bathroom. For such a tiny room it was one of our biggest projects! We took out a yucky, regular-sized window in the shower!! We took out the floors (completely ripped out all the tile), removed all the walls, and replaced the vanity, toilet, and tub. This room is literally, completely brand new. Now, it's still tiny but it is much more pleasant. We are thankful for our teeny, tiny bathroom. :)
 look at all that lovely tile :) :) :) 
 so pretty, isn't it? 
 goodbye potty and vanity
 goodbye walls
goodbye window, hello wall...
 Insulation for the bathroom! We will definitely appreciate this in the Winter! And to think it wasn't insulated before!!! brrrrr......
 new tub and surround
new potty and vanity
 tile laid out nicely
...I have a few more pictures to share but this is the only one I have for today! sorry! 

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