Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working on the Windows

My delightful front door has one slight problem- the lovely windows aren't the best for privacy or security. As much as I l-o-v-e my mission style front door I do have to be honest that the windows don't afford too much privacy. If you walk up on our porch you can see directly into the house. While we don't necessarily mind that for those of you we know- it does pose a problem when we are not home. Anyone can see if we are in the house or not. This could invite unwelcome visitors to see almost all of our worldly possessions. As a makeshift solution I got some lovely wrapping paper and Joshua covered the window. If you don't look closely it doesn't look too bad, however, wrapping up the windows isn't exactly my choice. After all,  the big reason I chose the door was for the windows! Fortunately, Joshua is brilliant and found a more long-term solution! At Lowe's he found a film we can cut out and apply the windows to 'frost' them and prevent any ability to see through them! It's perfect! Since I've had a little extra free time now that it's Summer I decided it was about time for the wrapping paper to retire. It's done a fine job but we are ready to enjoy those windows now. :)

I love the way it looks and even more I love the way the morning light is cast through the window into the den. It's perfect!

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